Guide to Charles Proxy

Last year, Detroit Labs published a book I wrote about Charles Proxy and now that I finally have my personal website I wanted to share it here too.

It all started as internal documentation for one of the projects I was working at the time. When I wrote this book, I knew there were a bunch of tutorials out there on how to setup Charles either for iOS or Android devices, but I wanted to put all together in a single document and offer solutions for some of the most common problems we face with Charles.

Another reason to write this book was to talk about some of the less known features such as Throttling, Breakpoints, Map and Re-write tools. I wanted to write why I think these features were useful to me, when to use one or another and how.

The end result was a document quite big, so we decided to publish it as a book. In this link you will find the first chapter and in here you can download the full book.

I hope you find it useful, thanks for reading!  🙏

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash